It's like going to canada

It's just a cool way to fish

road trip

    Guided Ohio Belly Boat Fishing Treks


   *  Ohio fishing guides offering year round treks for huge bass, crappie and bluegill

   *  Discover hundreds of lakes spread across thousands of acres of Ohio wilderness

   *  Complete packages for half day outings available

   *  Ohio fishing adventures are great gifts for beginners and advanced anglers

   *  Ideal for one to four people, bring family, friends, visitors or make it a business outing

Why not?

Kids, Parents & grandparents

Local guides leading urban and outbound adventures and team building events.

 Throw it on your back and go !


We are open for guided belly boat fishing treks.  Gift certificates are available and bookings for future date can be made in 2021.

  Thank you and be well!

Are you new to Ohio?  Wanting to learn about our wide open wilderness areas,  just visiting or an advanced angler willing to try something different...why not?.

Nothing on earth is like fishing from a belly boat and we're the only guide service in Ohio offering this amazing way to hook up with nature!   The wildlife is spectacular, it's like going to Canada without the drive!

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Our belly boats are really nice

Within an hour of Columbus and three hours from Cleveland, Cincinnati and Toledo, our tours reach hundreds of lakes across thousands of acres of public access wilderness

Guided belly boat fishing treks are ideal for  kids age 9 and older, family outings, corporate relationship development, solo outings and fishing with a buddy.

As a guide service we're dedicated to creating the best outdoor experience possible, while giving back to the community through investment and partnership with private and pubic organizations.

take my word for it...

Our belly boats include 4 separate flotation devices:  2 pontoons, your

6" thick boat cushion seat and your adjustable flotation seat back, gear pockets and cup holders!

Integrated back pack straps, zippable gear pockets, lap net and carry all pocket make it an ideal rig to fix up what you need for the day.  The drink holders are even insulated!.

We enjoyed every second of it! I am getting back into fishing after many years and my husband is brand new to fishing.  Our guide shared lots of tips and we had so much fun.

Please give us a call before you make an online booking.    We fish a large geographical area and offer a wide variety of options, too many to list in an online check list,  We'd like to speak with you directly to make sure you get the best info on options regarding fishing locations, gear selection, boot size, mobility and what to bring and wear, availability, start times, meeting point, proximity to your home location and destination.  After we both have a good idea of what you'd like to do you'll be much better informed and can confirm your booking by phone or make an online reservation.
If you'd like to go fishing within the next 7 days we're happy to set that up.   Just give us a call at 740.777.2579Thanks!