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How's it work?

1)  Give us a call, pick a date and make a reservation.  Reservations are made in advance by calling 740.777.2579.  

2) Credit card information is provided at the time the reservation is made.   Ask about our cancellation policy when you call.

3) We'll select a location that’s right for the season, your group objectives and schedule. 
4) We’ll meet at a predetermined location that's on your way. This might be a McDonalds, Wendy's, small town intersection or a cross roads of a state route and an easy to find cross roads. From there, you'll follow us to the area we'll be fishing.

5) Anything from a very short walk (park and fish) to a five, ten or fifteen minute walk (or more) are available. A short walk makes for a nice transition from the car to fishing without cutting into fishing time.  It's your choice.
6) We’ll arrive at the lake, provide an orientation to belly boating and discuss how to approach the lake. 7) You’ll sit 6” above water on a comfy, integrated boat cushion seat, wear fins that fit over your booted waders and be in the water from the knees down.  This combination makes belly boating an ideal way to stay warm and dry even in colder weather.

8) Each belly boat includes four separate flotation devices: two pontoons, a 6" thick boat cushion seat and your adjustable boat cushion seat back. We have optional life preservers for adults and require children to wear a PFD at all times.
9) Backpack straps, zippered gear pockets, lap nets and carry-all pockets make our belly boats ideal to hold everything you need for the day.
10) We provide the belly boat and fins for everyone.  Let us know if you need chest waders, rods and tackle.  We have extras!
11) Your guide will stay as close as you'd like and provide as much or as little instruction or assistance as you’d like.

12) We often have groups where one or more participants are new to fishing with plastics or new to fishing entirely while others in the group are experienced anglers. We work with beginners, intermediate or advanced anglers and help them adjust to the local conditions and get into the nitty gritty of individual lake personalities, presentations, retrieves and hook sets.

Local guides leading urban and outbound adventures and team building events.