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Please give us a call first!  we'd like to speak with you directly before you make an online booking.  There are questions we need to ask in order to make sure you get the best information on availability, start times, meeting point, proximity to you, gear selection and boot size.  after we both have a good understanding of what you'd like to do you'll be much better situated to confirm your booking by phone or make an online reservation.

Belly Boat Fishing Trek options ~ Page down for location info:

~ AM / Morning bite - meet earlly and be on the water by sunrise, fish until about 11:30 am ~ PM / Late afternoon & evening bite - meet early afternoon and fish until sunset
~ Full day treks are available
~ Multi-day - a combination treks spread across 1, 2 or 3 days (call for pricing)

Group size: one to four people.


>> 1/2 day Belly Boat Fishing Trek (am or pm)

*  All gear and fishing tackle are provided including

    chest waders, fins, rods, reels, tackle

*  Participants need to bring a valid Ohio fishing license

    Purchase fishing licenses online at Ohio Department of Natural Resources

    or in person at any Walmart..

Fishing Locations: Most of the areas we fish are remote with a diverse array of locations. There are lakes that we can pull up to and fish without much of a walk. It's a nice option to walk 5 to 15 minutes to a wilderness area that's rarely fished. We select an easy to find meeting point at the time your reservation is made, meet there and drive closer to the area we'll be fishing that day.
A) Jesse Owens State Park / AEP ReCreation Lands
Muskingum, Noble, Guernsey & Morgan counties
60,000 acres and over 300 lakes

B) Woodbury Wildlife Area
Coshocton county
19,000 acres and over 40 lakes

C) Tri Vally Recreation Area
Muskingum & Coshocton county
15,000 acres and over 60 lakes

*  What's Included?
Complete packages including everything you'll need are available. 
This includes our guide, belly boat, chest waders, fins, rod & reel and tackle.
Wear your own chest waders and bring your own rod(s) and tackle if you have them.
Please let us know when you make your booking what you have or would like us to bring.


1)  Give us a call, pick a date and make a reservation.  Reservations are made in advance by calling 740.319.9107

2) Credit card information is provided at the time the reservation is made.  Ask about our cancellation policy when you call.

3) We'll select a location that’s right for the season, your group objectives and schedule.  
4) We’ll meet at a predetermined location, typically the cross roads of a state route and easy to find pull off. From there we'll drive a short distance to the wilderness area we'll be fishing.   5) Anything from a very short walk (park and fish) to a five, ten, fifteen minute or longer walk are available. A short walk makes for a nice transition from the car to fishing without cutting too much into fishing time.  A longer walk can get you to a lake that may not have been fished all year. It's your choice.
6) We’ll arrive at the lake, provide an orientation to belly boating and discuss how to approach the lake. 7) Once aboard the belly boat, you’ll sit 6” above water on a comfy, integrated boat cushion seat, wear fins that fit over your booted waders and be in the water from the knees down.  This combination makes belly boating an ideal way to stay warm and dry even in colder weather. 8) Each belly boat includes four separate flotation devices: two pontoons, a 6" thick boat cushion seat and your adjustable boat cushion seat back. We have optional life preservers for adults and require children to wear a PFD at all times.
9) Backpack straps, zippered gear pockets, lap nets and carry-all pockets make our belly boats ideal to hold everything you need for the day.
10) We provide the belly boat and fins for everyone.  Let us know if you need chest waders, rods and tackle.  We have extras!
11) Your guide will stay as close as you'd like and provide as much or as little instruction or assistance as you’d like.

12) We often have groups where one or more participants are new to bass fishing with plastics or new to fishing entirely while others in the group are experienced anglers. We work with everyone to help them understand the technique and are happy to get into the nitty gritty of individual lake personalities, presentations, retrieves and hook sets.