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Spinning rod or fly rod, it's up to you...

Join us on a belly boat fishing trek and bring your own tackle, rods and reels or borrow some of ours.   Be sure to let us know in advance if you're interested in borrowing anything.

If you're an avid bass or panfish angler and have your own gear you'll have plenty of options to choose from your tackle box.  It's a pretty good idea to talk to Corneilus in advance and find out what he's using, typically a tube or another plastic of some sort. 

It's not necessary to buy a bunch of stuff before heading out on a trek with us.  We pack light, travel light and know what's ideal for the lakes we'll be fishing that day.  In addition, the belly boats have great zippered pockets for carrying the right amount of tackle.

Spinning rod setups vary based on the season and your own personal preferences.  The equipment we use are medium heavy 6 1/2' or 7' rods with 12 lb clear monofilament.

Fly fishing enthusiasts are welcome to bring your own fly rod and reel setups.  Casting a fly from one of our belly boats is very doable as you're actually sitting up above the water line.  You'll want to mimic the tubes, worms or surface critters that we're imitating with our spinning rod setups.  One tip for fly rod fishermen is to be set up with a sinking line.  Fall, winter and spring fishing typically requires that you get the bait to the bottom.  Summer time surface fishing would warrant a different floating line setup

Kids or beginners?  No worries, we carry live bait for anyone that would just like to catch fish.

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